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Sending money to Cuba

First of all, consider the following aspect if you take or send money to Cuba: All foreign currency has to be changed by Cuban Convertible Pesos(CUC), the devise circulating in Cuba at the moment.

Take into account, in the case of American dollars, there is a 10 per cent tax, plus the revaluation of the CUC to 8 per cent, and the commercial tax applied to this kind of transaction, which is around 3,5 per cent. You will receive 80,42 convertible pesos per hundred US. dollars.

Some agencies are avoiding the 10% tax simply by sending the money to Cuba in Canadian Dollars or Euros, so it will be possible that you could avoid this tax when sending money.

The most well known agencies transferring money to Cuba are Cash2Cuba, Transcard, Western Union and Duales.

The most economic way to send the remittance is by Money orders or Cashier checks to the agency. In these cases only the common tariff of the entity are applied, plus 8 per cent of discount of the Central Bank, you will avoid the credit card processing fees.

In case of using credit cards for the transference, an additional charged will be added from 3 to 4.5 per cent.