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Investing in Cuba

The first step is to identify the Cuban enterprises that may have projects for joint ventures with foreign partnership. This information is provided by the Centre of Promotion of Foreign Investment, an entity of the Ministry of Foreign Investment and Economic Co-operation. (www.minvec.cu)

You should also contract consulting services in Cuba and contact the Ministry or group of enterprises of the sector in which you want to invest.

To materialize a project of investment is required the subscription of a letter of intent or a trade agreement.

The following step is the process of negotiation where the legal and economic documents required by the association are prepared. The documents are presented to the MINVEC who makes the preliminary evaluation of the investment.

Then the project has to be approved by the Executive Committee of the Council of Ministers or a commission formed for this purpose.

In order to ease the procedures it is offer the Unique Window service (Ventanilla Unica), in the National Office for Foreign Investment. The country has several consulting offices, offering a variety of services to businessmen, as business evaluation, legal assistance, marketing and management and account examinations.

The main Consulting Offices in Cuba are:

  • Sociedad Civil de Servicios Consultores Asociados S.A. (CONAS)- (Association of Civil Consultants)
  • Bufete Internacional.
  • Buró de Investigaciones Sociales y Económicas, S. A. (BISE) -(Social and Economic Reserch)
  • Bufete de Servicios Especializados (BES) (Specialized Services)
  • Centro Internacional de La Habana (CIH) S.A.
  • Conavana S.A.
  • Consultor�a Jurídica Internacional- (Legal Consultants).
  • DISAIC, Consultants.
  • LEX S.A.
  • Rado and Associated.