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Banco Financiero Internacional, S.A. (BFI)

Banco Financiero Internacional, S.A. (BFI) a bank entity, inscribed as a joint-stock company under Decree-Law No. 84, of October 13, 1984. It started operations on November 5th of that year by means of a License issued to it on October 17, 1984, to engage in banking business and empowers it to carry on commercial banking operations, mainly in freely convertible currency, including the following:

  • To take or grant deposits in cash on demand or for a term.
  • To issue term deposit certificates.
  • To receive and grant loans and other credit or financing methods.
  • To handle transfer of funds to or from other countries.
  • To buy and sell freely convertible currency, precious metals and securities.
  • To receive deposits of securities denominated in foreign currency in custody or in trust.
  • Provide services of property administration, financial and feasibility studies, and carry out intermediation operations.
  • To issue bank documents, such as letters of Credit, Avals, Letters of Guarantees and others similar.
  • To establish correspondent agreements with national and foreign bank entities.

The management and organizational structure is made up of a President, an Executive Vice-president, six General Directors, and Adjunct Director and 17 Directors. Its main governing body is the Executive Board, assisted by the Credit, Purchase, and Cadres Committees, and a collegiate participation in its Extended Board of Directors.

Banco Financiero Internacional, S.A., provides automated services by means of 31 branches along the whole country, interconnected to the central system in real time. It plans 6 new branches, located in important areas of economic and tourist development of the country.

As a result of the work carried out by the bank since its establishment, it has notably increased its capital and reserves as well as its credit and financing capacity and has established correspondent relations with a broad bank network abroad.

At present its main objective is oriented to diversification and development of its services, continue advancing in the activity of credit to Cuban enterprises, and services linked to remote and electronic banking, concentrating its efforts in banking with corporations and foreign naturals, economic associations and joint ventures.